Update for Services due to Corona Virus

(Update as of 5/16/2020)

Tomorrow morning May 17th, we will resume our Regular Schedule (minus AWANA, Mens Breakfast and Womens Brunch.) Please join us for Bible Study @ 9am and Morning Worship @ 11am. We have spare masks available if you do not have one and plenty of hand sanitizer. Come join us if you feel comfortable.

(Update as of 4/29/2020)

 From Pastor Jim Martin


It has been six weeks since it was decided to suspend public gatherings because of Arizona state recommendations put in place as a result of COVID-19. During that time we have put online opportunities to hear and Word and share in praise music. The deacons have also been in contact with families to make sure any needs are addressed. I know this has been a unique experience for all. I hope during this time you have been able to stay healthy and attend to private and family devotional times. Public opportunities to praise God and connect with others are essential. However, they are never meant to give us what daily time with God in His Word and prayer provide.

This past Monday the church council met to discuss what steps need to be taken to resume public gatherings. As we anticipated, today the governor announced the stay-at-home order will remain in place until May 15th. Once the 15th comes and restrictions begin to be lifted, we do not know what this will look like. However, we are planning for a TENTATIVE date of May 17th to resume public worship. This date may be moved further out depending upon any potential announcement by the governor. 

We wanted you to know what preparations are being made in order to resume public meetings. First, the council agreed to hire a company to do a deep cleaning on all public spaces at the church. We want to make sure any potential for infection that may remain in the building are addressed. When you arrive on the 17th, you will find adjustments made for social distancing. This will include less chairs in the sanctuary and more space between seats. While families are welcome to move chairs closer together, as a rule, we will observe 6 feet between individuals and families from others. In addition, hand sanitizer will be readily available as will protective mask for any who do not already have one (I anticipate this will be part of the recommendations for resumption of public activities). Once we resume public meetings, we will offer Bible study, Sunday morning and evening worship and Wednesday prayer meetings. 

You will be hearing from your deacon soon. Please know, if you do not feel comfortable gathering with large crowds once the restrictions are lifted, we will continue to stream our services on Facebook, and you can join us via that media until such time as you are more comfortable.

In anticipation of Sunday, I invite you to join me in reading the book of Galatians, especially Galatians 5:16-17. I ask you to spend time prayerfully considering Paul’s words in these verses. What does Paul mean when he says to “walk by the Spirit”? Conversely, what does he mean to walk by “the desire of the flesh”? Is Paul saying these two are mutually exclusive? That a person cannot jointly walk by the Spirit and walk by the desires of the flesh?  What are the implications of either way of walking? Which characterizes you?

Thank you for your patience and faithfulness during this time.

Pastor Jim

(Update as of 4/22/2020) We will be having a church counsel meeting soon to discuss what we may be doing in the coming weeks. We will let you know here and through email as soon as decisions are made.

(Update as of 4/1/2020) We will suspend all public services through April 30th. If we are able, we will meet Sunday May 3rd. There will be more updates here by that time.

(Update as of 3/27/2020) Here is a link to an audio clip that Pastor Jim Martin asked me to pass on to everyone. It is an interview between Josh Hodges (Director of Missions at our Valley Rim Southern Baptist Association) and Doc Wolfrey (Husband of our newly retired Valley Rim Missionary who has been in the medical field for over 30 years) click below to listen.


(Update as of 3/25/2020) We are suspending all public meetings starting today and going through at least April 12th. If you have further questions please email the church by clicking here! We will however still be Live Streaming on Sunday morning around 11am, so join us on our Facebook page and remember you do not need an account, just click on the link below and when it asks you to sign in, you can click on "Not Now" and see all our Facebook page without signing in. Click on www.facebook.com/mrbc10082 on Sunday morning at about 11am and you should find it there!

(Update as of 3/22/2020) We will not have choir today so there are no further services till Wednesday night prayer service @ 6pm. We plan at this time to have our 11am service next Sunday (3/29/2020)

(Update as of 3/20/2020) Good afternoon all, We at McQueen Road Baptist are making some of the hardest decisions as are people all over the world due to the Corona Virus... WIth that said, we have currently decided as of Friday March 20th @ 1:30pm to cancel The Allen's concert that was scheduled for this Saturday the 21st and to suspend our Sunday morning Bible Study and only have worship @ 11am. This will cancel Sunday evening service @ 6pm and we will let you know ASAP if we will be canceling Wednesday evening prayer service. We will have the Sunday morning service Live Streamed as well for any who are not feeling good. We are going to be taking all precautions we can in order to keep everyone healthy as we move forward and will continue to update our website, Facebook and sign at the church to notify as many as possible if we have changes to these decisions, so please check those as often as possible. Our website is  https://mcqueenroad.church/virus-service-updates our Facebook is www.facebook.com/mrbc10082  If you know anyone who has internet but may not know how to connect to the Live Stream on Sunday, help them as it is public and should be visible to anyone even if they do not have a Facebook account. Thanks everyone and continue to pray that God will use His church (us) to glorify Him and show others His love during this time!